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The Aquarium

Another opportunity to integrate a new entertainment channel for your guests is Polin Aquariums. This offering includes every imaginable detail: concepts, architecture, construction, business plans, procurement of the living creatures and brand identities, all delivered by a team of experienced architects, engineers, biologists, veterinarians and technical experts. The secret of this attraction’s success is based on its multifaceted levels of expertise.


Polin Aquariums designs aquariums with all the details including their concepts, architectures, constructions, business plans, procurement of the living creatures and brand identities.


Polin Aquariums is the common ground between the depth of your imagination and deep seas…


Polin Aquariums has materialized 15 different projects carrying a total of more than 28 million liters of water. These projects have hosted more than 12 million visitors until the end of December 2016.

What we can do

There are countless possibilities! But here are some highlights to be inspired...

Our Specialities
  • Whale Aquarium
  • Shark Tank
  • Tunnel Aquarium
  • Special Designs
Brand New!
  • Semi Open Aquariums
  • Cylinder Aquriums
  • Penguin Pools
  • Aquarium Water Slides

Funtastic Aquarium Izmir

Stunning Interior & Dry Area Designs

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- Just imagine...

Whatever you have in depths of your imagination, it can be real!

- Artificial Wild Life Decorations

Combined with extraordinary life support systems

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