What Does Polin Aquariums Do?

Rising Trend Of The Brand Cities And Shopping Malls Aquarium Complexes

Large aquarium complexes, beyond being a center of attraction for local authorities and investors with their entrance fees, income from souvenirs, photography and cafe/restaurants, are a source of long term income and prestige. Mid-size aquariums also have a magnificent attraction power for shopping malls that are willing to create difference.

An aquarium complex investment is one of the world’s fastest return providing financial investments. Visitors may spend a whole day in an aquarium complex without being bored. Aquariums provide the visitors a visual underwater feast as well as food & beverage, recreational areas and playgrounds for children in order for them to spend the whole day in the facility. Moreover, special meeting rooms and congress halls in order to have meetings in a different atmosphere may also be added into the facility. Visitors spending a whole day fully with underwater biota would want to take home some memories and souvenirs of such day by having their photos taken and making purchases in the souvenir shops.

In short, any financial investment made will shortly start providing returns from every corner of the aquarium complex.

One Of The Most Profitable Financial Investments Of The World

Aquarium complexes are attraction centers all over the world for anyone of any age. For some, they are a visit full of excitement and curiosity while for others, they are a romantic meeting point or a special location for a prestigious meeting...

Aquarium complexes provide exploration and entertainment side by side especially in the developed countries by having influx of visitors during the weekends. Visitors may obtain information about the exhibited living creatures either through audio guides given out at the entrances or boards and screens located nearby the aquariums.

"Tunnel aquarium" is a completely different experience. Visitors have the excitement of strolling along many underwater living creatures as well as sharks by stepping into the magical underwater world.

They can undergo a magnificent visual experience while they closely observe thousands of living creatures that normally live in the lakes, rivers, creeks and seas all around the world and learn about their lives.

Touch Pools & Educational Aquariums

Allowing visitors to touch underwater creatures and aiming to raise the bar in terms of tour experience and underwater familiarization, touching pools can be used to exhibit various starfish species, horseshoe crabs, harmless crustaceans and coral species. Touching pools that are in the form of deeper semi-open aquariums may be used for exhibiting harmless sharks and ray species.

Penguin Pools

These are pool aquariums whose life support systems are designed specifically since they are full with pretty penguins, whose main land is the south pole, and their climatization and the water temperature are different from the other aquariums. Penguin pools primarily attract the youngest visitors. The air and water temperature of these entertaining pools with genuine designs and projects are regulated specifically. Any project is delivered with the penguins ready to be exhibited.

Aquarium Swimming Pools

"Imagine a large open air oceanarium full of coral reefs, sharks non-dangerous to humans, thornback rays and hundreds of tropical fish of different colors and sizes...

Now imagine you are swimming in this pool, diving accompanied by a guide, feeding the sharks with your hands and in the mean time you are being photographed and filmed..."

The suitable environment for the living creatures is prepared considering all the details in depth taking the technical necessities into account. Your dreams may be made come true by the Polin Aquariums professional and specialized team in anywhere and in any dimension since even the water in the Aquarium Swimming Pool may be salinized artificially without even the necessity of the proximity of the sea to the area in which the Aquarium Swimming Pool to be installed.

Outdoor Aquariums

This project, which increases the interest in the other attraction centers and the large parks in the cities, is suitable for every type of climate. Underwater living creatures living in the seas surrounding Turkey as well as tropical living creatures may be placed in this aquarium. During this special experience visitors will have an opportunity to observe the wonderful underwater living creatures in their natural habitats and may obtain knowledge about the fish and living creatures from the educational boards installed nearby the aquariums .

"Aquarium life support" unit, which maintains the water in the aquarium to be at the right temperature according to the needs of the living creatures and its quality as well as its clarity, is positioned under the main building. Open Air Aquarium is delivered in operating state together with all the living creatures.

Waterfall Aquariums

This project, which may add a quite different ambience to the parks, are designed in way that a waterfall is constructed at the back and the pool at the bottom of the waterfall may be watched from the front. Fish to be exhibited in this project that is prepared to be suitable for every type of climate are chosen among the species that may adapt themselves to large temperature variations. Educational boards about the fish and the living creatures are installed nearby the aquarium in order to inform the visitors. Life support system ensuring the water in the aquarium always being clear and healthy is hidden behind the artificial waterfall.

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