What Is Unique About Polin Aquariums?

Design + Project + Application + Management

Polin Aquariums has specialized in materializing reflected upon attraction centers aiming to represent the natural life. It is the one and only company in Turkey and among the few companies in the world who can deliver large tonnage aquarium tanks and tunnel aquariums whose designs, projects, constructions and technical infrastructure have been completed together with the living creatures ready to be exhibited.

Architectural Design

Whatever exists in the depth of your imagination invigorates in the hands of the architects who are experienced in designing natural life complexes. The first step into the projects is to build original designs by using the terrain conditions in the best way possible and project designing phase is completed based on the already set out concept.


Interior decorations of aquariums as well as their technical infrastructures should reflect the natural habitat of the living creatures being exhibited and also be visually impressive. This is also important in terms of the exhibited living creatures’ adaptations to their environments in which they can move comfortably and healthily. Watching the living creatures who are very well adapted to their environments and move comfortably and healthily ensures that the visitors comprehend the exhibited natural life concept much better as well.

Reinforced Concrete Construction

Since the construction of a complex in which living creatures will be exhibited is different from a regular reinforced concrete structure, all the reinforced concrete construction, mechanical, electrical and the other installations of a facility whose architectural projects have already been prepared are specifically applied according to the construction specifications of the project.

Aquarium Installations

Installation of aquariums are done simultaneously with the construction.

Life Support Systems

Life support systems that are conceptualized according to the needs of the living creatures to be exhibited are designed and managed by the experienced biologists.The life support systems professionally integrated into the decorations are designed in a way to present the visitors the finest quality observation.

Procurement Of The Living Creatures And Creating The Ecosystem

All kinds of living creatures are not able to live together in environments such as aquariums. Meticulous planning of which species are compatible with which species is an important issue. Living creatures brought in from all over the world are chosen by the Polin Aquariums biologists and veterinarians after a meticulous health examination.

Underwater living creatures observed to be suitable to be exhibited are evaluated for a month in quarantine pools in a special facility located in Altınoluk and owned by Polin Aquariums in order to see whether they are compatible with the aquarium environment. Underwater living creatures that have completed the rehabilitation process are transported to their new environments in specifically designed haulage vehicles by a team of specialists.

Design And Application Of The Dry Areas

If desired, the complex may be enlarged by adding meeting rooms, souvenir shops, cafes, restaurants, all kinds of entertainment and shopping areas into the project. Leasing out these living quarters creates sources for the enterprises as well as ensures to provide knowledge, entertainment, shopping and taste to the visitors all at once enabling them to spend longer and more quality time in the facility.

Service And Maintenance

Polin Aquariums not only builds the facility and installs the systems, but also may provide maintenance and cleaning services of all the systems and the living creatures within the materialized project, if requested, upon delivering the facility and the systems after they are operable and ready to have exhibitions.


Polin Aquariums is also an operating enterprise that has comprehensive knowledge of all the details, from operations to marketing of Aquariums. If requested, Polin Aquariums may also be your solution partner in terms of management and operations.

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