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Altinoluk Storage And Quarantine Facility For The Mediterranean Species

Polin Aquariums acquisition, storage and quarantine facility with a storage capacity of 3,000Kg located in Altınoluk, Balikesir procures Mediterranean species for the aquarium complexes both in Turkey and overseas.

Istanbul Storage And Quarantine Facility For The Tropical Species

There is a storage and quarantine facility for the tropical fish, the largest in Turkey, with a capacity to hold 120 tons of water volume and 520 Kg living species located in the company headquarters in Ümraniye. The tropical species brought in from all over the world are quarantined here in line with the international standards. The living species are delivered to the aquarium complexes via the special vehicles owned by Polin Aquariums.

Eskişehir Scenery Design And Production Facility

The project concepts that are determined and designed by the project team are produced by the experienced sculptors by using the concrete and polyester as raw materials in the Scenery Design and Production Facility located in Eskişehir.

Eskişehir Production Facility For Aquarium Filtration Materials And Synthetic Sea Salt

In this facility, advanced Technology OceanTechTM brand filters and protein percolators specially designed by taken the aquarium tonnages and the technical part measurements of the aquariums into account are produced. The specially formulated synthetic sea salt produced for the aquarium complexes built in places distant from the sea can maintain the continuity of the marine aquariums planned to be built worldwide.

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